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  • Local: $ 15.9k / Year
  • Foreign: $ 15.9k / Year
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  • English


    The 4-year programme in English is offered to college/university graduates

    At the end of the programme the graduates are awarded an MD degree and receive a medical diploma recognized in the European Union, USA, Canada and most other countries of the world.

    Having completed the basic science part of the study program, the students are eligible to sit for the USMLE (United States Medical Licensing Examination) Step 1 and, upon completion of the clinical part of the program, for the USMLE Step 2.

    The programme follows the European Union standards. Is is based on the newest medical research and incorporates the most advanced technologies currently employed in medicine. The aim of the course is to deliver fundamental knowledge in major theoretical courses which is necessary for further study of clinical subjects. The objective of the clinical courses is to provide students with knowledge of clinical medicine as well as practical clinical and technical skills that are necessary in modern medical clinical practice.

    The 4-year medical curriculum is comprised of two-preclinical and two clinical years. Total duration of study is 8 semesters during which students are expected to attend about 4500 hours of lectures and practical classes. The medical curriculum covers 140 weeks (including summer holiday training) i.e. it takes approximately 26 hours a week.

    The academic year starts around 1 October and ends 30 June. It consists of two semesters: the winter one lasts from the beginning of October till mid February and the spring one lasts from mid February till the end of June.

    Examination sessions are in January/February and in June.

    Ther is a one week break between semesters and two one week breaks at Christmas and Easter.

    Upon completion of each year of their studies students are required to take a four weeks summer holiday training which is mandatory and is included in the Polish medical curriculum. The student can take this summer practice in a chosen hospital/outpatient hospital, which is recognized by the national and international organizations.


    No entrance examination is required but each application is strutinized on its own merits by the University Admission Committee.
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