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  • Local: $ 7.24k / Year (EEA)
  • Foreign: $ 14.5k / Year (EEA)
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  • 31 五月 2016

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    The aim of these courses is to facilitate the qualified nurse working in specialist areas to become a more knowledgeable, analytical, reflective and caring nurse, capable of assessing, planning, implementing and evaluating specialist nursing care based on research and three specialist modules and specialist clinical placement in the first year.

    All students must pass the core and specialists component. Students must also complete a clinical component relevant to their specialty strand. All students must pass the required clinical competencies in order to achieve the Postgraduate award. On successful completion of all the requirements of the first year, students may opt to exit and be awarded a Postgraduate Diploma or may progress to the second year of the programme during which they complete a dissertation.

    These programmes are taught in partnership between the School of Nursing and Midwifery and the associated Health Service Providers.

    The following are the names of the Specialist strands currently being provided and the names of the associated Health Service Providers:

    * Cardiovascular
    * Emergency Nursing
    * Haematology Care
    * Intensive Care
    * Orthopaedics
    * Perioperative Care (options available)
    * Renal
    * Cancer Care

    During clinical placements students will be required to do a variety of shift patterns as determined by the local Health Service Providers.

    The various modules offered lead on from, and complement, the subjects taken at Degree and Postgraduate Diploma level of learning. On completion of this course, participants will be able to; Strengthen and develop their expertise in their area of practice through the use of enhanced knowledge, reflective skills and research-based practice. Devise, implement, and evaluate methods for improving the quality of nursing care and /or nurse education provided in Ireland. Exercise administrative and intellectual leadership in their profession and the disciplines contained within and extend their skills in the critical evaluation of research reports and plan, conduct and evaluate research studies.


    Admission to the strand will be subject to place availability. The entry criteria for this strand are: * Current registration on the appropriate nursing division of the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Ireland Active Register * Two years post-registration clinical experience since first registration * Twelve months experience (within the last two years) in the specialty at the time of application. * Candidates must also fulfil one of the following criteria: An honours degree in nursing or a related discipline or equivalent professional and academic qualification or satisfy the selection committee that they have the academic ability to successfully complete the programme. * Additional criteria may be required by individual Health Service Providers. * Each student will be engaged in specific practice settings relevant to each individual strand for the duration of the programme of study.

    Financial assistance while at College

    Since its foundation in 1592, Trinity College has sought to assist students of limited means. There are a number of scholarships, awards and bursaries which you may be able to apply for during your time in College. Details of these bursaries or awards can be found under Financial Assistance in the College Calendar.

    Foundation scholarship

    Students in the Senior Freshman (second) year may compete for a foundation scholarship. Up to seventy foundation scholars are elected annually on the basis of performance in the scholarship examination, which is usually held in the week before the start of the second term. Foundation scholars are entitled to certain privileges, which include having their course fees paid by the College (non-EU students pay EU fees), Commons (evening meal) free and an entitlement to College rooms free of charge during the academic year. Foundation scholarships are normally held for a term of five years.

    Sport scholarships

    Sports Scholarships are awarded to sportsmen and sportswomen of national/international standard who come to study and compete for Trinity. The Scholarships provide the following benefits:

    * Financial grant

    * Physiological Assessment/Fitness Testing and follow up training

    * Workshops to include Nutrition, Psychology etc.

    If you are experiencing financial difficulties you can also apply to the Student Assistance Fund. All students may apply, including first year students. Applicants complete a form and supply evidence of means in order to be assessed for the fund.


    Trinity College Dublin is recognized internationally as Ireland's premier university and is ranked in 61st position in the top 100 world universities by the QS World University Rankings 2013. In the Times Higher Education World University Rankings for 2013, Trinity is ranked 129th in the top 200 world universities.

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