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    Please note that late applications will be considered if the programme has not been filled in the first round offers, or by the first round waiting list who meet the selection criteria requirements. Offers will then be made to late applications only if places are still available on the programme and if candidates meet the selection criteria requirements.

    The Department of Food Business and Development offers a full-time MSc in Food Business which is ideally suited to graduates who wish to pursue a career in strategic management or marketing in the food sector. The needs of the food sector in the future involve the development of an efficient and responsive food chain (from farm to processor to consumer), in which market changes are reconciled with strategic and production decisions along the stages of the food business chain.

    On successful completion of this programme, students should be able to:
    * Evaluate current food consumer and food industry trends, policy issues and drivers and strategies impacting on the evolving food supply chain.
    * Design and operationalise innovative marketing strategies for competitive markets
    * Evaluate the role of market orientation and strategic marketing in new product success
    * Identify the ethical, regulatory and environmental responsibiliteis of modern food enterprises
    * Interact in simple and routine tasks requiring a simple and direct exchange of information on familiar topics/activities and identify the key issues in relation to a new language and its role in society and culture
    * Evaluate their personal and employment skills development as a result of working in some facet of the food supply chain
    * Apply new research techniques to new marketing situations
    * Analyse the research process and its key components and design a piece of research to answer a specific research question.

    The selection of modules is dependent on academic background and is subject to the approval of the Head of the Department of Food Business and Development.

    Students take 120 credits as follows:

    Part I Students take 60 credits as follows:
    Core Modules Students take 35 credits as follows:

    * FE6119 Food Business (15 credits)

    * FE6120 Food Business Analysis (10 credits)

    * FE6121 Food Business Project (10 credits)

    Elective ModulesStudents take 25 credits from the following:

    * FE4001 Advanced Food Business Management (5 credits)

    * FE4003 Advanced Food Marketing (5 credits)

    * FE4004 Food Retail Marketing and Supply Chain Management (5 credits)

    * FE6902 Global Food Policy Issues (5 credits)

    * FE6903 Food Security and Sustainable Livelihoods in the Developing World (5 credits)

    * FE6904 Co-operative Business and Food Supply (5 credits)

    * FE6905 Food Choice and Innovation (5 credits)

    orStudents take 15 credits of elective modules from the list above and a language module to the value of 10 credits to be chosen from the following:

    * GE0001 German Language (Beginner [00] level) (10 credits)

    * GE0002 German Language (Improver [01] level) (10 credits)

    * GE0006 German Language (Intermediate [05] level) (10 credits)

    * GE0007 German Language [Upper Intermediate [06] Level](10 credits)

    * HS0028 Spanish Language (Beginner [00] level) (10 credits)

    * HS0128 Spanish Language (Improver [01] level) (10 credits)

    Part IIStudents 60 credits as follows:
    * FE6122 Food Industry Centred Research Project (20 credits)*

    * FE6123 Dissertation based on Research (40 credits) **

    * Food Industry Centered Research ProjectStudents undertake a Food Industry Centred Research Project (FE6122) following the Part I University Summer Examination. Normally this will require a 16-week placement period with a relevant food business or food related organisation.

    **The Dissertation based on Research completed as part of FE6123 must be approved by the Head of the Food Business and Development Department and must be of six months duration.


    Candidates must have achieved a First or Second-class Honours Degree involving business-related subjects. Relevant degrees include BComm, BA, BSc (Food Technology), BAgrSc, or equivalentEnglish Language Requirements:IELTS 6.0 or TOEFL equivalentPart-Time Taught Postgraduate ProgrammesPlease note that non-EU applicants are not eligible to study part-time programmes English Language Requirements IELTS band: 6.5
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