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    The study of History and Civilizations seeks a deeper understanding of humanity through the study of the past. History and Civilizations is a framework for the analysis of trends, institutions, and motivations that shape the world. Students learn to think with rigor, to write with clarity and precision, to organize and assess evidence, to evaluate problems and interpret complex events.

     The major in History and Civilizations at AUBG provides students with analytical tools useful for all aspects of decision-making and research in academia, government, law, journalism, business and other careers. The program offers a general program of study with a focus on course offerings in Europe and a sub-concentration in Southeastern Europe.

    The program is intended to provide core historical research and reading skills. Key outcomes of the program for all graduates include:

    • the ability to place existing national historical education in a larger context 
    • a broad contextual knowledge of history, provided by some knowledge of the distribution areas and of a historical issue of significant contemporary importance 
    • an awareness of contemporary theories and methods in the field of history 
    • the ability to critically read and analyze primary materials 
    • development of very strong writing skills 
    • development of oral communication skills through discussion seminars and oral presentations 
    • the ability to plan, conduct and write an original historical research project

    Graduates of the program have gone on to work for regional businesses and non-governmental organizations. The majority go on to graduate degree programs in history in the United States and Western Europe; recent graduates have gone on to doctoral work at the Central European University, Columbia University, University of Illinois, University of Maryland, University of Michigan and University of Pittsburgh.

    Total: 12 courses (at least 36 credits)

    Required Courses (3 courses): 

    HTY 101 Global History to 1500
    HTY 102 Global History since 1500
    HTY 291 Historical Methods

    Distribution Electives: 9 courses (at least 27 credits)

    At least two courses from the following:

    HTY 201 Myth-making in History
    HTY 210 Medieval Europe
    HTY 212 Early Modern Europe
    HTY 213 Modern Europe
    HTY 214 Eastern Europe in the 19th and 20th Centuries
    HTY 241 United States History to the Civil War
    HTY 242 United States History from 1865 to present

    At least two courses from the following:

     HTY 208 Greece, Thrace, the Black Sea and the Ancient World
     HTY 209 Rome and the Ancient World
     HTY 221 The Medieval Balkans
     HTY 222 The Modern Balkans
     HTY 223 History of the Ottoman Empire
     HTY 224 Bulgarian History
     HTY 230 Byzantine History
     SES 238 Archeology in Southeast Europe

    At least four courses from the following:

     HTY 301 Falsifications in History
     HTY 304 Topics in European History
     HTY 305 Topics in Southeast European History
     HTY 306 Topics in Ottoman History
     HTY 307 Topics in American History
     HTY 308 Topics in Global History
     HTY 310 History of Christianity
     HTY 401 Critical Issues in History
     HTY 491 Senior Thesis I
     HTY 492 Senior Thesis II
     SES 325 Environmental Issues in Southeast Europe
     SES 390 Byzantine Religious Art and Architecture in Southeast Europe
    Disciplinary Honors in History and Civilizations
    The History and Civilizations major has a Disciplinary Honors option. To achieve a major in History and Civilizations with Disciplinary Honors requires the completion of two semesters of HTY 491/492 (Senior Thesis I and Senior Thesis II) with a grade of A- or better in both courses.

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