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  • Local: n/a
  • Foreign: Free
  • Languages of instruction:
  • German, English
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  • 15 十一月
    The course at Ravensburg-Weingarten University trains engineers in the fields of electrical engineering and information technology to apply scientific knowledge and technical ideas directly to practical applications or marketable products. Course highlights are the short duration (seven semesters = three and a half years) and the intensive support given to the students. Laboratory courses, project work and case studies ensure high practical relevance.

    Educational organisation

    In the first three semesters, students learn professional and scientific basics, which form the foundation for their future specialisation. Typical lectures cover electrical engineering and electronics, mathematics and programming, digital and microcomputer technology. In the advanced part of the course from the fourth to the seventh semester, students choose one of two major fields of study: Automation Engineering or Communications Technology. The fifth semester is a practical semester in which students are required to complete an internship in a company.


    In the fifth semester, an internship of 26 weeks is to be completed.

    Forms of assessment

    Written and oral examinations, presentations, projects

    Course objectives

    The course at Ravensburg-Weingarten University trains engineers in the fields of electrical engineering and information technology to apply scientific knowledge and technical ideas directly to practical applications or marketable products.


    Language requirements

    Applicants must provide proof of their English skills:
    TOEFL 70 out of 120 points (internet-based)
    IELTS minimum requirement Band 6.0

    Academic requirements

    University entrance qualification for engineering study programmes

    Enrolment fees

    147.50 EUR per semester

    Costs of living

    In order to obtain a visa for Germany, international students must prove that they have a minimum of 735 EUR per month at their disposal (minimum 8,820 EUR per year). The same financial requirements apply for an extension of the residence permit approx. one year after the student's arrival. Monthly rent in dormitories amounts to approx. 300 EUR. Contribution to health insurance, which is compulsory in Germany, amounts to approx. 82 EUR per month.

    Job opportunities

    Foreign students registered at universities in Germany can take on jobs without an approval requirement provided that this work does not exceed 120 full days or 240 half days in total in a calendar year. Jobs as research or student assistants can also be performed without an approval requirement and without any time limits.
    However, finding jobs in companies or at the university is not easy. Applicants should also be aware of the fact that university studies are highly demanding and might not allow enough time to take on a job at the same time. International students should therefore not plan to finance their stay in Germany by earning money while studying.

    Funding opportunities within the university

    In their final year of study, students in need of support can apply for a so-called Matching Funds Scholarship (details: International Office).

    Arrival support

    Senior students help newcomers on arrival (Buddy Programme, see below). Formalities are dealt with in the Welcome and Orientation Programme organised by the International Office (first week of March), see below.

    Services and support for international students

    • Buddy Programme: Senior students, both German and international, help newcomers on arrival and throughout the semester. The so-called "buddies" are ready to answer questions even before the new students arrive.
    • One-week Welcome and Orientation Programme before lectures start in March: Dealing with formalities (registration at the university and in the community, health insurance, bank account, computer accounts, etc.) and exploring the region
    • German language courses: One week intensive course in March, 4 hours/week during the lecture period, both at different levels
    • Welcome Brochure: Relevant information regarding studying and student life for all new international students
    • Numerous one- or two-day excursions throughout the semester
    • International events at the university
    • Brother and Sister Programme: International students meet German citizens
    • Support with respect to health insurance and foreigners' authority
    • Continuous information on events, programmes, seminars, scholarships, laws and other news relevant to international students

    Contact: Ms Ramona Herrmann, ramona.herrmann@hs-weingarten.de


    Accommodation is mainly provided and organised by the organisations "Seezeit Studentenwerk Bodensee" and "Weiße Rose e.V." which run dormitories in Weingarten and Ravensburg. After having been awarded a place at Hochschule Ravensburg-Weingarten, students have to reserve rooms directly and without delay.
    However, there is no guarantee for a room in a dormitory. As to other housing options, please see http://www.hs-weingarten.de/en/web/international-office/accommodation.
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