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  • English
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    Specialisation fields are theoretical and experimental particle and hadron physics as well as photonics and condensed matter physics, and mathematical physics. In addition, courses broadening their expertise into neighbouring, related fields enable students to understand interdisciplinary contexts. These include classes from the Master of Astrophysics programme offered by our department, as well as courses at our partner university in Cologne.

    Educational organisation

    All graduate studies (for Master and PhD) at our department are coordinated by the Bonn-Cologne Graduate School of Physics and Astronomy (BCGS).
    The Bonn-Cologne Graduate School, a joint programme of graduate studies between the Universities of Bonn and Cologne, leads students with a BSc through an MSc phase directly to doctoral studies.
    The Master's programme includes one year of coursework: compulsory theoretical and experimental lecture courses and laboratory work, specialisation courses, elective advanced lectures and seminars in the fields of theoretical or experimental particle physics, condensed matter and photonics. During the second year, work on a research-oriented thesis is required, including project planning.

    Study abroad unit(s)

    Recommended for German students at collaborating partner universities


    Research internships are a key element in the research training of the graduate school. As members of a research group, the students start their first small research project. This not only provides initial research experience but also helps with the selection of an MSc project. The internships are coordinated by the lecturers. The lecturer responsible for the research area should be contacted prior to the internship. The student becomes a temporary member of a research group for a typical duration of four weeks. Participation in at least one research internship is mandatory for first-year students in the honours class.

    Forms of assessment

    Modules are credited according to ECTS and are evaluated based on the results of written or oral examinations, reports, oral presentations, etc.

    Course objectives

    The programme's primary goals are:
    • to gain expertise that is guided by contemporary problems and challenges, founded upon a thorough knowledge base
    • to acquire methodological and analytical skills which enable the students to expand their scientific background, with emphasis on research methods and strategies
    • qualifications relevant for a future career
    The programme provides the student with the qualifications to enter PhD studies. The Master's degree allows immediate access to PhD programmes.


    Language requirements

    TOEFL (80 points, internet-based) or equivalent, e.g. IELTS (score 6.5)

    Academic requirements

    A Bachelor's degree in physics or equivalent is required.

    Enrolment fees

    Students must pay a social fee of approx. 270 EUR per semester ("Sozialbeitrag") to the Students' Union, which is used to support student activities and provides free public transport in the state of North Rhine-Westphalia.

    Costs of living

    Approx. 800 EUR per month

    Job opportunities

    Graduate or student assistantships may be available during the programme.

    Funding opportunities within the university

    Scholarships for highly qualified students are available. A full scholarship amounts to 700 EUR per month.

    Services and support for international students

    Office for international students (assistance in finding accommodation and support with administrative formalities), mentor system (individual academic counselling), tutor system (studying in small learning groups), cultural and social programme (excursions, visits, etc.), intensive language courses in German


    Accommodation for students is provided by the university and apartments are available on the free market.
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