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    > Technology is constructive

    Tissue engineering and regenerative medicine are new interdisciplinary fields in biomedical sciences, which aim at the replacement of defective parts in the human body. The possibility to construct functional human tissues like skin, muscle or bone in the laboratory is one of the great future challenges in medicine. Since there is a growing demand of such artificial tissues, research and development of new therapies is currently boosted.

    Future Experts with cutting edge know-how

    Tissue engineers develop methods to repair or replace injured or diseased tissue in the human body. The Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine masters program offers special courses to meet the needs of the students who will be the future experts in this field and provides them with a solid background in natural sciences. Ongoing collaboration with research groups at other academic institutions and the business community ensures cutting edge know-how. Besides a sound theoretical background practical hands-on experience is gained in team-oriented laboratory projects. Additionally, students improve their practical skills in industrial companies or academic institutions while working on their masters thesis.

    The degree program is also offered as a double degree program in cooperation with the Linköping University (LiU), Sweden. Students of the masters degree program Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine who apply and are admitted to the double degree program complete their first year at UAS Technikum Wien and change to LiU for the second year to acquire two academic degrees.

    Topics & Emphases

    * Cell and tissue culture
    * Regenerative medicine
    * Biochemistry and cell biology
    * Biotechnology
    * Nanotechnology
    * Team-oriented project work
    * Quality management and quality assurance
    * Business and law
    * Advanced English


    International students applying for admission must meet one of the following requirements: * Recognized secondary school diploma or equivalent, * university entrance qualification examination or * relevant vocational training with additional qualification (an entrance exam or qualification exam at UAS Technikum Wien)Students wishing to enter a degree program will be invited to take an entrance examination. German Language Competence Level B2 ("Zertifikat Deutsch B2") or equivalent is necessary for degree programs taught in German. Admission requirements and tuition fees may be different for students coming from EU countries, candidate countries or developing countries.For further information concerning admission procedures please contact our administrative assistant.
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