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  • Tuition Fee:
  • Local: $ 482 / 1 year
  • Foreign: $ 482 / 1 year
  • Languages of instruction:
  • English
  • Deadline:
  • 1 三月
  • StudyQA ranking:
  • 694pts.
  • Duration:
  • 4 years

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    Candidates for the degree of Doctor in Theology are expected to have broadened and deepened their knowledge in the area of theological scholarly research during the Doctoral Programme in Theology. They have proven their ability to successfully complete and present their dissertation within a reasonable period of time. The dissertation should constitute a personal contribution to theological research.

    This programme consists of the successful completion, submission and defence of the dissertation. Doctoral students must have completed their Doctoral Programme in Theology before beginning this phase of the doctoral process.
    Prior to the public defence of the dissertation and with a view to providing evidence of the capacity to engage in independent theological research, doctoral candidates are obliged, in the context of the Doctoral Programme, to publish separate sections of their research work in the form of at least one international scholarly articles.
    While preparing their work for publication they are to submit their manuscript to their promoter for approval. If the promoter approves the submitted work for publication, it should then be offered to the editorial board of an academic journal. Journals connected with the Faculty of Theology and Religious Studies can be considered.
    The evaluation and the public defence of the dissertation consist of the following steps:

    • Submission of the doctoral dissertation
    • Composition of the Reading Committee
    • Report by the Reading Committee
    • Evaluation by the Reading Committee
    • Appointment of the Jury and preparation of the public defence
    • The public defence

    Detailed information can be consulted in the doctoral regulations.
    The promotion to Doctor in Theology takes place at the end of the public defence of the dissertation. The newly promoted Doctor is then also presented with the ecclesial diploma of Sacrae Theologiae Doctor (if the requirements for this canonical degree have been met).
    Promotions of the current academic year are announced during the Faculty's solemn proclamations and promotions, which follow the second and third ordinary examination periods.



    • The candidate has obtained the degree of Research Master of Advanced Studies in Theology and Religion* awarded by the Faculty of Theology and Religious Studies. A candidate who has obtained a second cycle diploma in Theology from another Belgian or a foreign university may also be admitted to the doctoral programme in theology. Such applications are assessed by the doctoral committee. The committee evaluates the content of the various course components of the second-cycle degree that the applicant followed. Should it become evident that the said programme is not equivalent to that required for the Research Master of Advanced Studies in Theology and Religion* offered by the faculty, no direct admission to the doctoral programme in theology will be granted. The committee then passes the file on to the faculty admissions committee.
      (* until and including 2016-2017: Master of Arts in de gespecialiseerde studies in de godgeleerdheid en de godsdienstwetenschappen/Master of Arts in Advanced Studies in Theology and Religion)
    • The candidate can present adequate study results and has obtained at least cum laude for the whole of the master programme(s) and a level of 75% for the Research Paper.
    • During the assessment of the application for admission, the total period of time the student needed to obtain the study points for the master programme(s) is also taken into account.
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