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  • 15 三月 2016

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    The MSc in Engineering – Technology Based Business Development is a research-based programme focusing on technology management, technology implementation, and engineering management.

    Graduates of the programme will be able to collect, generate, understand and assess new technological knowledge, new business opportunities and new central technologies for companies. They will also be able to implement this new knowledge inside a company, so as to create new processes, new product features and new business areas. Our graduates will be key figures in the development of new and innovative product concepts and business concepts.


    A high priority in this study programme is that students should gain insight into engineering practice. We believe that theories, models and concepts are best learned through solving real-life problems. The first two semesters of the programme give students the opportunity to work on assignments that originate from a company and may be carried out within it. In the third and fourth semesters, students can extend their engagement with a company so as to earn most of their credits in this context. The company could also be the student’s own start-up company within the framework of our business incubator.


    During the third semester, students may choose to study at a university outside Denmark, to extend a company engagement, or to study at AU Herning or another Danish university.


    Teaching at AU Herning combines theory and practice. Teaching is conducted as a combination of traditional tutorials, teamwork, individual study, and empirical investigations using observation and interviews.


    AU Herning campus is an excellent environment in which to build a social life. There is modern accommodation for 400 students.


    Graduates in Technology Based Business Development are typically employed as product and innovation managers, project managers, business developers, and technical sales managers.


    • Management of Technology (10 ECTS)
    • Methods and Approaches to Technology in Enterprises (5 ETCS)
    • Company Project 1(10 ECTS)
    • TechnologySpecialisation 1(5 ECTS)


    • Organizing, Human Resources and Innovation (10 ECTS)
    • Business Strategy, Technology and Innovation (5 ECTS)
    • Company Project 2(10 ECTS)
    • TechnologicalSpecialisation 2(5 ECTS)


    • Course of study at AU Herning (25 ECTS)
    • Course of study at a foreign university (25 ETCS)
    • Courses in technology based business development at another Danish educational institution (25 ECTS)
    • The above combined with project course in a company or associated with research activity (25 ECTS)
    • TechnologySpecialisation 3(5 ECTS)
    • The project can be carried out as an implementation project or as a technology course


    To enter the programme, a bachelor level in engineering or a technical bachelors degree with a minimum of 15 ECTS in business development or innovation is required. Otherwise, an intensive introduction course during the first month parallel to the study is offered.In general, admission to a Masters degree programme taught in English requires successful completion of a relevant and recognised university degree equivalent to a Danish Bachelors degree in level and contents. The admission requirements for a specific Master"s programme are stated in the academic regulations of the programme in question.The Danish Agency for International Education provides assessments of non-Danish degrees, diplomas and certificates and information about international recognition of qualifications. The assessment offered by the Danish Agency for International Education (previously CIRIUS) is a brief statement saying what your foreign qualification corresponds to in Denmark: Which educational level and, if possible, which field of education.A pre-assessment of your foreign Bachelor"s degree made by the Danish Agency for International Education will improve your application. However, the decision regarding admission to specific Master"s programmes is made by Aarhus University in accordance with the academic regulations.Language requirementsAll applicants must document English language qualifications comparable to an "English B level" in the Danish upper secondary school ("high school"). English language qualifications comparable to an "English B level" in Denmark can be documented as follows:TOEFL test results of at least 560 (paper-based) or 83 (internet-based test). The AU Herning TOEFL code is 8607.IELTS test with a minimum score of 6.5 pointsCambridge/Oxford: Certificate in Advanced English (CAE)C1 level obtained by examination from a CEFR validated English language courseEnglish-taught entrance examination (upper secondary school/high school) or Bachelors degree. English Language Requirements IELTS band: 6.5 TOEFL paper-based test score : 560 TOEFL iBT® test: 83
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