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  • 1 十二月
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  • 2 years

    International self-financing applicants: 1 DecemberApplicants from Nordic countries: 15 April

    At the Norwegian College of Fishery Science (NCFS) the study programs in biology is aimed at life in aquatic environments. The research is of commercial interest. Norway controls important populations of benthic animals, fish and marine mammals and knowledge about the different species' biology is important to manage these resources.

    The research at the Institute for Aquatic Biology focuses on ecological issues associated with sea and fresh water in northern areas. In the Master's work, it is possible to specialize in all trofiske level in the marine food web from plankton, benthic animals and fish to marine mammals.

    The Department of Marine Biotechnology focuses on research relating to problems in fish, Arctic marine microbiology, marine bio-prospecting and marine food products.

    The Master's program in biology offers three sub-disciplines:

    1) Freshwater Ecology
    2) Marine Ecology
    3) Fisheries Biology/Technology

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    At least 3 years of higher education with a major within the subject applied for is required.General admission requirements:
    Nokut certification
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