Why study Nutrition and Dietetics?

Good salary

The main employers of nutritionists and dietetics specialists are paid clinics and health centers. The salary of specialists in this area depends on the work experience and level of education, but the average amount is 50000$ annually for a junior specialist and 65000$ for more advanced ones.

A lot of Nutritionists are self-employed and consult clients privately. This means that the estimated cost of their services is affected only by experience and qualifications, and successful experienced professionals can earn a lot.

Best choice for food lovers

You should definitely choose a degree in Nutrition and Dietetics if you have passion for food. If you will apply for a job of food inspector or restaurant manager, wonderful food will surround you for all your life long! You will also begin to understand the cooking, the wine and get a lot of other useful and interesting skills.

Career diversity

A lot of areas of human life is related to food. And all these areas welcome Nutrition specialists. They can find themselves in a kitchen of a big fancy restaurant or in suburbs of  a developing country full of starving children, in a healthcare center or a candy factory, in a maternity hospital or in the astronaut training center - while people need food, they need you. Which means you will be able to easily find a job at least for next several thousands years.

Travel opportunities

This item is a logical continuation of the previous one - if specialists in the field of nutrition are needed everywhere, it means that they can go everywhere. In addition, business trips and outings are frequent in this area.