Scholarships in Australia

While higher education in Australia may be very expensive, especially for international students, numerous opportunities exist to reduce the costs of studying. Australian government invests more than 200,000,000 dollars every year in international scholarships, but the significant part of them are available only for the citizens of certain countries, particularly from the Pacific region.

For example, Australia Award Scholarships are available only for the citizens of specific countries in Asia, Pacific region, Africa and Middle East. However, this scholarship program is one of the most generous in the country and may cover tuition fee for Bachelor, Master and Doctoral programs. Australia APEC Women in Research Fellowship provides financial support for woman researchers from developing countries in APEC region.

Other major scholarship programs are created for postgraduate students, but citizens of all countries in the world are eligible. International Postgraduate Research Scholarships, created by the Department of Education cover tuition fees in Doctoral programs for those who want to pursue a career in academia. Prospective students should demonstrate excellent academic results and an ability to conduct independent and original research.

Besides government scholarships, Australian universities themselves help to international students to finance their studies. Australian National Universities offer various scholarships for all level of study, from small reduction in tuition fees to full fee waiver and monthly stipend for especially gifted students. The University of Adelaide offers full-tuition scholarships only for Master and PhD students. However, these scholarship programs are very generous and cover not only the tuition fee, but also provide a stipend. Bachelor student in this university may try to reduce their tuition fees via external financial support.

Other opportunities are available for those who were already admitted to one of the programs in Australian universities. Morover, several private companies and NGO offer scholarships and fellowships for international students in Australia.




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  • Tuition Fee:
  • Domestic students: $ 16.2k / 1 year
  • International students: $ 23.8k / 1 year
  • Ranking:
  • 11900 StudyQA
  • Duration:
  • 2 years
    University of Southern Queensland logo
    • Tuition Fee:
    • Domestic students: $ 11.6k / 1 year
    • International students: $ 13.2k / 1 year
    • Ranking:
    • 4032 StudyQA
    • Duration:
    • 3 years
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