Cartography is one of the branches of geography, which aim is modelling and developing of the maps showing the relationship between various natural objects and phenomena on the plane.

Cartography is a very ancient science. It appeared in a primitive society long before writing humanity discovered writing  and existed in the format of cave painting, images on the bark and stones. Cartography began to develop actively in ancient Greece. It was during this period that it stopped being just a designation of landmarks on the terrain and stood on a par with sciences as mathematics and astronomy.

The greatest interest in Cartography has appeared in the Age of Discovery, which began in the fifteenth century. Travel and discovery of new territories have become an incentive for the development of cartography - there appeared the theory of cartographic projections, unified system of symbols, as well as many methods of cartography, which are used to this day.

Scientific and technological progress entails the improvement of cartography and geodesy methods, so nowadays cartography is connected with computer science and IT, since maps are designed by using  Automated Cartographic Systems on a basis of specific software. Study programs in Cartography include courses dedicated to modern methods of cartography, taught with computer science.

Study programs in Cartography

You can find several study programs in Cartography by using our website, for example, PhD Geodesy and Cartography in Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava, Slovakia, or MA Cartography by Technical University of Munich. You can find more study programs by using our Search.




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