Career options for Project Management graduates

As many other degrees in Management and Organization area, a degree in Project Management is usually highly practical. Students receive enough skills to find themselves in various career paths connected with Management and not only. Here are some of possible career prospects for Project Management graduates.

The most important point in applicant’s CV is work experience. If graduates did not complete any internships during their education or after it, they can apply for a entry level career option, which will not be high-paid, but will help to receive enough work experience to continue the career path in Project Management. Recent graduates or current students can apply for a job of  project scheduler or Cost Estimator. You can also start your career path with volunteering abroad - it will be very useful for your resume and give you a chance to see the world.

After you received some work experience by entry level career options and volunteering, it is time to apply for more serious job placements. One of the advantages of Project Management is that students can choose the field that wish to work at and develop skills which can be useful in this field. So your further career path depends only on you: if you are interested in projects in the field of information technology, you can find a job of IT project manager and supervise projects in this area, contact customers, discuss financing, monitor the implementation of tasks and so on. If you have chosen a specialisation of civil engineering project management, you can work as real-estate project manager and supervise the housing construction, communication with the municipality and buyers. You may also need a specific education in a field of accounting or civil engineering or complete a joint degree.

Marketing is also a quite common career path for graduates with a Project Engineering degree. Marketing managers are engaged in creating the image of a certain product or the whole brand, its promotion and communication with potential buyers.