Animal Science

Animal Science is a diverse interdisciplinary area, which combines zoology, veterinary medicine, environmental studies, economics, entrepreneurship. The difference between zoology and animal science is that animal science (as Agriculture specialization) studies breeding of working animals, livestock and pets.

The list of specializations of Animal Science include animal nutrition, animal behavior, animal productivity.

Career options for Animal science graduates

Those who hold a Bachelor of Science degree in Animal Science can find a job placement in many organizations related to animals and animal care. For example, graduates can find a job in pharmacy and cosmetology organization to heal laboratory animals and take care of them. Many Animal Science graduates work as animal technicians on farms and  animal charities. Some Animal Science graduates work with police dogs and help to train them.

Usually graduates holding a Bachelor degree in Animal Science find a job after completing an undergraduate degree, but some of them also complete higher level degrees in order to get access to more specific and advanced career options or to start research career.

Study programs in Animal Science

If you wish to start your education in Animal Science, you can find several study programs in this area by using our website, for example,  BSc Hons in Animal Science, Newcastle University Medicine Malaysia, Malaysia,  Animal Science (Online), University of New England, USA, or  BSc Animal Science, South Dakota State University, USA. Use Search button to find more study programs.




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